Protecting your Jewellery

Take care to protect your jewellery from impact against hard or abrasive surfaces. Many natural gemstones are delicate and easily abraded. 
Avoid your jewellery coming in contact with extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, hair spray, perfumes, nail polish removers, household chemicals, chlorine and cosmetics. Always store your jewellery in the original packaging in a cool, dry place.

Washing Silver  

When cleaning your jewellery please use fresh water and a dry cloth. Remove all excess moisture and avoid leaving Silver in water as this can cause spotting.

Polishing Silver 

We recommend using a silver polishing cloth. We do not recommend using polishes and electrolytic cleaning.

Wear it, Love it 

Salt air and products containing sulfur will especially tarnish silver. However, silver that is used often generally needs less care, so we encourage you to wear your silver jewellery.
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