From a cobbled street in Italy to the shores of Australia. Novella Row began in 2015 in Positano, Italy, when Founder Christine Pratt was on holiday in Europe.

Nearing the end of a blissful afternoon, strolling through the backstreets of the coastal town, Christine was stopped by an admirer who asked her where she had bought her jewellery. It wasn’t the first time that holiday she had caught herself explaining that she created her own designs. After a little persuasion, Christine let the admirer buy one of her rings then and there, on the cobbled street of Novella Row.
As the chic Italian wandered away, thrilled with her new ring, the moment clicked for Christine: her jewellery brand had just begun.
Having now cultivated a loyal following across the globe, Novella Row is the jewellery brand for women who value beautiful materials, original, contemporary design and thoughtful craftsmanship.

Novella Row jewellery is designed and sampled in Christine's studio on the Gold Coast, Australia.